July and June 2022

Noah and the New Baby
Noah and the New Baby

Dr. Sharie Coombes tackles the subjects of new siblings, how to overcome your child’s jealous nature and how to calm their fears. Noah is used to having Mom’s full attention but soon, with the birth of his baby brother, he’s concerned that Mom will no longer have special time for him. Being used to Mom playing knights and horses as well as reading bedtime stories, Noah fears no longer being the center of his Mom’s attention because of the new baby. Mom balances her love for both her son’s. This well illustrated book shows the love Mom has for Noah and her new son. Dr. Coombes shares some important advice on dealing with sibling concerns and more. If you know a parent with existing kids and a new baby on the way or having just arrived, please consider this book for them. Buy Now!

Under The Freedom Tree
Under The Freedom Tree

As we approach the 2nd Annual Juneteenth National Holiday, I wanted to review a children’s book that is a good explanation for the reason we celebrate Juneteenth as a National Holiday. Under The Freedom Tree by author Susan VanHecke and illustrated by London Ladd is the true story of three slaves’ determination to surrender to Union soldiers in Hampton Roads Virginia, which would take them from being indentured slaves to free men. Known as the Emancipation Tree, hundreds of slaves came from all over to seek freedom. Slabtown, a temporary city now known as Hampton Roads, was created and allowed these now free men, women and children to learn that no person would ever own them as property again. While the United States freed slaves in 1863, slaves and other indentured groups in Texas didn’t find out that the Union troops defeated the confederate states, which should have allowed freedom to everyone. On June 19, 1865, word spread to slaves in Galveston Texas that they were now free. This book sets the stage for parents, teachers and historians to educate generations about America’s true past. This book is ideal for 4th grade and up conversations about history. Buy Now!

You Don’t Even Know Me by author Sharon G. Flake
You Don’t Even Know Me

TAnother great book for teens is You Don’t Even Know Me by author Sharon G. Flake. She has compiled a book of poems and true short stories about Africa-American teen boys. In a time when young boys are seen as grown adults by many outside of the black community, the reality is that they are someone’s son, brother, or classmate. While the world measures these young boys by their height, facial hair and deep voice, they’re still teens and young adults and should not be judged by physical appearances. See how these young black teens navigate critical subjects like being a teen father, personal family secrets, teen jocks or being a misunderstood youth by police and the justice system. This book is ideal for youth from the 5th grade and up. Buy Now!

May 2022

Jayla Jumps In
Jayla Jumps In

Jayla Jumps In by author, University of Detroit graduate, and now Washington D.C. educator Joy Jones shares the exciting story of generational love for the sport of Double Dutch. This true story of a District of Columbia jump rope team unites a community while bringing a young teen closer to her allying mother. If you’re looking for an exciting and inspiring book for teens, this book is for you. During a recent trip back to my hometown of Washington, D.C. I visited the main branch of the District of Columbia Library where I spent many of days in my youth studying and working on projects. To my amazement, the fourth floor of The Martin Luther King Jr. Library was an exhibit with the actual jump rope used in several competitions. As a native Washingtonian and now transplant to Metropolitan Detroit, two cities which are dear to my heart, I rate Jayla Jumps In 5 out of 5 stars. This book fully tells the story of inner-city life and its challenges and triumphs of African-American life for young and old alike and what bends communities. Buy Now!

Fifty Cents and a Dream - Young Booker T. Washington
Fifty Cents and a Dream - Young Booker T. Washington

This May in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are spotlighting Booker T. Washington’s Fifty Cents and A Dream. This pioneering trailblazer sought to teach negro men and women reading and writing in a formal setting which became the Tuskegee Institute. Author Jabari Asim examines the early years which formed the opinion and mindset of this future educator. Young Booker T’s determination to educate others who look like him while growing up in Virginia cultivated a dream resulting in him acquiring land in Alabama and creating the Tuskegee Institute. Charles Collectibles and Books LLC highly rates this book for young readers 5 out of 5 stars. Bryan Collier’s illustrations are vivid and the verbiage is ideal for early childhood readers. This is an inspiring storybook that fosters the next generation of African American leaders. Buy Now!

April 2022

Little Legends Exceptional Men
Little Legends Exceptional Men

Little Legends Exceptional Men In Black History by author Vashti Harrison is a refreshing look for young and old alike at trailblazing African American male pioneers. At a time in history when black men are illustrated or written about as slaves or uneducated men, Vashti reminds America and the world of 36 men who changed the world as we know it. Read about such men as Benjamin Banneker, Dr. Charles R. Drew, Arthur Ashe, Chuck D, Lonnie Johnson, and others. From surveying land, activism, Inventions, and pioneering medical procedures and other fields of study, black men have always led by example often failing to receive recognition. If you are looking to inspire a young person or learn something new yourself, this book is for you. Charles Collectibles and Books LLC rates this outstanding book 5 out of 5 stars. Buy Now!

Life After Death by acclaimed Urban Fiction Author Sista Souljah
Life After Death

Life After Death by acclaimed Urban Fiction Author Sista Souljah is the sequel to the award-winning bestseller The Coldest Winter Ever. Winter is released from prison and wants to reclaim her father’s empire and seek revenge against those who wronged her. This is a first edition hardcover copy autographed by Sista Souljah and includes a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) by Premiere Collectibles. Fans of this great author will enjoy this new release. Charles Collectibles and Books LLC rates Life After Death 4.5 out of 5 stars. Buy Now!

Chef Ayesha Curry  cookbook Full Plate
Full Plate

Spring is here and summer is around the corner. Chef Ayesha Curry has put together some delicious and easy to make recipes in her cookbook Full Plate. See mouthwatering dishes like New Orleans Seafood Boil, scrumptious Burgers and fries and great pasta dishes. This first edition hardcover is signed by Ayesha and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity COA and would be a welcome gift for a budding Chef. Enjoy making these meals with your family. Charles Collectibles and Books LLC rates this cookbook 4.5 out of 5 stars. Buy Now!

March 2022

Hairstyles for Me authored by Kathryn Diane Grace
Hairstyles for Me

Hairstyles for Me authored by Kathryn Diane Grace, a retired educator who was inspired by her daughter Regina. Wanting to boost her daughter’s self-esteem and pride in herself, Mrs. Grace felt a void of positive representation in books for African American girls. Attending integrated schools, her daughter had few, if any, images that reflected African American beauty and hairstyles for young black girls - dating back to African Queens and Princesses. This lack of representation was clear in her small Texas town, seeing few African Americans or people’s hair textures who looked like hers. Regina is tender-headed, and her mother ensures her that getting her hair done will not hurt. If you have experienced this with your daughter or family member, you know the trauma it can have psychologically on a young girl. Charles Collectibles and Books rates Hairstyles for Me 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Buy Now!

Book DK Life Stories by Author Katherine Johnson
DK Life Stories: Katherine Johnson

DK Publishing authorized Ebony Joy Wilkins an opportunity to write an autobiography on Katherine Johnson, America’s first African American NASA Mathematician. Mrs. Johnson’s mathematical calculations were responsible for John Glenn’s return from Space. As a high school graduate at the age of 14, Katherine Coleman would enroll in West Virginia University, an HBCU. Upon graduating from college, she became a teacher and later transitioned to NASA. Ebony Joy Wilkins has done an excellent job in words and pictures of this trailblazing pioneer of Math and Science. Her commitment to the field of STEM has opened the door for thousands of young African American Women interested in Science and Math. Charles Collectibles and Books rates DK Life Stories: Katherine Johnson 5 out of 5 stars. This inspiring story will hopefully encourage future young girls of color to explore career fields in STEM. Buy Now!

Ibram X. Kendi author of Antiracist Baby
Coming On Home Soon

For Women’s History Month and Children’s Reading Month, I decided to highlight a favorite author of mine: Jacqueline Woodson. For more than 20 years, this thought-provoking and acclaimed author has thrilled audiences young and old alike with real life topics that reflect black and brown communities of color. Whether dealing with no longer being the only child in Pecan Pie Baby or having a loved one in jail in Visiting Day; Woodman reaches everyday people with her characters who resemble ordinary black and brown folks like me and you! Woodson’s works have been translated into multiple languages throughout the world introducing this black woman author to millions of readers worldwide. Her protagonist reflects teenage and young adults’ lives with subject matter like teen pregnancy, death of a child by the police, interracial dating, mental illness and teen suicide among many of her book titles. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read any of Jacqueline Woodson’s works, add them to your reading list. Buy Now!

February 2022

author Carole Boston Weatherford book Becoming Billie Holliday
Becoming Billie Holliday

Award winning author Carole Boston Weatherford explores the troubled and complicated story of Eleanora Fagan, better known to most people as Billie Holiday. Becoming Billie Holliday is a collection of poems and songs examining the music of this legendary artist in pictures and words. Illustrator Floyd Cooper has added world class illustrations of that era. While this book is geared toward young readers, it opens a candid and frank discussion of civil rights, segregation, racism and other challenging topics for middle school and high school students. Those issues that our ancestors faced during their lives continue to exist today and the book serves as a blueprint for change. The book also highlights the importance of examining the past in order to navigate the future. Buy Now!

Book cover Well That Escalated Quickly
Well That Escalated Quickly

Comedian and social media sensation-via-YouTube, Franchesca Ramsey, became an accidental activist. Her debut book Well That Escalated Quickly examines the life of this rising star in comedy, political activism and the Black Lives Matter movement. She discusses her experiences in school, work and other areas, imparting the wisdom she’s learned along the way. This book is a fun yet quirky memoir about the zig-zag of a life’s path. Franchesca is your sister, your coworker and the girl next door trying to navigate life without allowing racist and misogynistic actions to affect her and others. Her desire to speak candidly and honestly while speaking up for others turns her into this accidental activist. Buy Now!

Ibram X. Kendi author of Antiracist Baby
Antiracist Baby

Ibram X. Kendi, author of Antiracist Baby, provides a nine-point plan for parents, teachers and other adults to prevent teaching negative, learned racist behavior to children. Some of the principles outlined in the book include: showing love for all children and not seeing people by color. While this is a children’s board book, the subject matter is designed and geared toward first and second grade students. If you are looking for a children’s book on equity and inclusion, Charles Collectibles and Books highly recommends this book. Buy Now!

January 2022

Herb Boyd  - Civil Rights Yesterday and Today
Civil Rights Yesterday and Today

Noted African American historian and author Herb Boyd has written multiple books on African American Culture. Today, we examine one of his earlier works Civil Rights Yesterday & Today. This hardcover book chronicles the Civil Rights Movement from the 19th century through the mid 2010 ear when America nominated and elected its first African American President Barack Obama. He writes about African American pioneers such as Nat Turner, A. Phillip Randolph, James Farmer, Ida B. Wells, Fannie Lou Hamer, Bayard Rustin, Barbara Jordan, John Lewis and Jessie Jackson. This book is ideal if you are explaining African American History to an audience under 30 years old. While Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a major focal point of the Civil Rights Movement, it didn’t start with Dr. King, nor will it end with him. Its been said that those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it. Take time to educate a young person about those ancestors who served as trailblazers for today’s and tomorrow’s future leaders. Charles Collectibles and Books rates this book 5 out of 5 stars. Buy Now!

What Do You Do With A Voice Like That by author Chris Barton
What Do You Do With A Voice Like That?

With A Voice Like That by author Chris Barton and illustrated by Ekua Holmes tells the story of legendary pioneer Barbara Jordan. Barbara Jordan was the first African American Woman to represent the City of Houston, Texas as their congressional representative in the United States of Congress. This former educator lead by example encouraging others to fight for the poor and working-class residents of Harris County. At that time, Ms. Jordan was only one of a handful of African American Women in the United States Congress. If you have a young activist in your household than this African American children’s book is for them. Not only is it inspiring, Ekua Holmes has done Barbara Jordan honor and justice with her vivid illustrations of this civil rights trailblazer and pioneer of history. Charles Collectibles and Books rates this book 4.5 out of 5.00 stars. This book is ideal for readers first through third grade. Buy Now!

Gordon Parks: How the Photographer Captured Black and White America
How the Photographer Captured Black and White America

Our final book review for January is Gordan Parks How the Photograph Captured Black and White America by author Carole Boston Weatherford. Gordan Parks is a legendary photographer who viewed African American life through the lines of a camera. This illustrated children’s book by Carole Boston Weatherford examines Mr. Parks early years. It’s a great book for young and adult fans of Gordan Parks. As a trailblazer, Mr. Parks photographed black people in everyday life through the lines of his camera bringing honor, pride, sadness and love to African Americans. This is a great inspirational book for African American children from the first grade to third grade. Charles Collectibles and Books rates this book 5 out of 5 stars. Enjoy the book and inspire the future photographer in your home or classroom. Buy Now!