March 2023

 United States Congresswoman Maxine Waters titled Queens of the Resistance
Queens of the Resistance Maxine Waters

Authors Brenda Jones and Krishan Trotman collaborated on a book about the amazing and unapologetic United States Congresswoman Maxine Waters titled Queens of the Resistance. This trailblazer and pioneer is a civil rights icon from California that has been a fighter for injustice and human rights for African Americans and other people of color in her community for decades. As we celebrate March as Women’s History Month and Children’s Reading Month, take the time to share Maxine Waters’ remarkable story with another person. Who knows how her accomplishments in life could encourage the next generation of future civil and human rights activists. Charles Collectibles and Books rates Maxine Waters 4.5 out of 5 stars. Buy Now!

Authors and editors Wade Hudson and Cheryl Willis Hudson share a candid conversation with Black America in The Talk.
The Talk

Authors Cheryl Willis Hudson and Wade Hudson take every African American family with children for a candid conversation called The Talk. Get real talk about racial issues impacting youth, sex, love and other conversations within the Black community. Over 10 authors share their views on these topics and more centered around what it means to be Black and Brown within a global society. Charles Collectibles and Books rates The Talk 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s a must read for all families especially African American and those of African descent Buy Now!

February 2023

 Born On The Water The 1619 Project
Born On The Water The 1619 Project

Nicole Hannah-Jones and Reneé Watson with illustrator Nikkolas Smith introduce their groundbreaking children’s companion book The 1619 Project Born on the Water. It’s a review of 400 years of African American history through the eyes of a grandmother to her granddaughter after a class assignment. Travel back to 1619 when a group of freed African people were captured and shipped to an unknown world by the Portuguese and other Europeans. Longing for their native land, they brought seeds, songs from their villages, pride and language. A new group of people were born on the water. Forced to adapt to a new world and enslaved to work for free with no rights as a citizen in America. Determined to thrive as a race, African Americans took the harshest conditions of inferior housing, education, food and access to quality healthcare in this new world known as the United States, yet have achieved and made contributions to better this country. The illustrated images by Nikkolas Smith transport the reader to a time of happiness, despair and pride in overcoming adversity. Charles Collectibles and Books gives The 1619 Project Born on the Water 5 out of 5 stars and describes it as a must read for anyone wishing to learn the Black experience in American history. Buy Now!

Hey You!
Hey You!

Author Dapo Adeola, along with a host of illustrators who have contributed positive scenes via bold and vibrant pictures, has created one of the most celebrated books for Black boys and girls in several decades: Hey You!. Hey You! is an empowering book celebrating growing up Black. From birth to adulthood, Black princes and princesses will become the kings and queens of the future. Charles Collectibles and Books rates Hey You! 5 out of 5 stars and is a must for young parents. Buy Now!