Charles Young Founder and President of Charles Collectibles and Books, LLC

Charles Collectibles and Books, in partnership with Naomi Books LLC, sponsored a reading contest in July 2022. Students in 1st through 5th grades across the United States were tasked with reading as many books as possible and answering a series of questions about each book read. Two of our three contest winners recently shared pictures and a video of their book bounty. Our grand prize winner Marquis is a 2nd grader who read an amazing nine books during our contest period in July. Jacob and Morgan tied in the number of books they read. It is great seeing young people take an interest in literacy at such an early age. Congratulations to the parents for fostering literacy in their children.

At a time when a select group of adults are censoring books on diversity, equity and inclusion, the need for fair and equitable representation is key to the self esteem and development of students of color. Charles Collectibles and Books LLC is honored to have co-sponsored our first of many reading contest for young readers across the United States. Given our current social and political climate in the United States, representation and seeing oneself is vital to the well being of our youngest citizens.

2022 Summer Reading Contest Winner Marquis Ramnon and 2nd Place Winner Morgan

Marquis' Thank You Video

2022 Book Reading Contest Flyer by Naomi Books, LLC and Charles Collectibles and Books
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