Phillip White a.k.a.  Funky Phil
Phillip White a.k.a. 'Funky Phil'

Phillip White a.k.a. 'Funky Phil' is a Detroit based artist who repurposes discarded, raw, and semi-raw materials transforming them into wonderful pieces of art for homes, offices, and businesses. This former automotive refinishing representative followed his dream of becoming an artist after being downsized from his employer. While walking through his neighborhood, he noticed many organic materials which had been thrown away and his creative nature kicked in.

Fusing his automotive background and his creative side he creates repurposed furniture (tables, chairs, mirrors, canes, dressers, and most recently wooden sculptures). For nearly 17 years, Funky Phil has changed the art scene here in Detroit and around the country--showcasing his art domestically and internationally.

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art, Funky Phil is your guy! Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and check out his website.