2022 Developing K.I.D.S. Annul Volunteer Appreciated Day

Saturday, April 9, 2022 - Charles Collectibles and Books LLC participated in Developing K.I.D.S. Annul Volunteer Appreciated Day located at Saint Suzanne Cody Rouge Community Resource Center on Detroit’s Westside. Members of the community including myself, Charles Young gathered for an afternoon of service. Members of the community young and young at heart engaged in fellowship for a common purpose. Kimberly Johnson Founder, President and CEO along with Tenecha Bland, Deputy Director of Developing K.I.D.S. stressed that since the pandemic; the need for their services has been overwhelming.

There has been a greater need for their services from Pre-K to high school and beyond for not only academic support but emotional support as well. According to Mrs. Johnson, they have seen a rise in young people experiencing physiological and physical challenges as a result of the prolonged Pandemic efforts in the communities most affected. There annual summer enrichment program which is free to residents of Detroit allocated its 150 spots in just one day showing the growing need for programs for young people and their families.

Charles Yound owner CCandBooks and Developing K.I.D.S. Annul Volunteer Appreciated Day