Mary Johnson Grant Storyteller
Mary Johnson Grant

Mary Johnson Grant is an educator, experienced children’s author, workshop presenter, and storyteller. Mary has received the following awards:

  • Outstanding Educator Award from Wayne County RESA
  • Hartford Memorial Baptist Church Social Justice Appreciation Award 2016
  • Outstanding President Award from The Detroit Association of Storytellers
  • Outstanding Storytelling Award from The City of Detroit

Mary is the past president of The Detroit Association of Black Storytellers. She is a current member of The Detroit Story League, The National Association of Black Storytellers,and The Michigan Arts & Humanities Touring Directory.

Storytelling Is A Powerful and Unique Experience

Enjoy storytelling performances by author, workshop presenter, and professional story teller Mary Johnson Grant. Telling entertaining and educational stories for children and adults of all ages and backgrounds is her specialty. Mary is especially known for her children’s books written about her personal childhood experiences. She shares engaging stories and workshops in themmunity and in many cities in the United States. Mary is available to perform in venues such as classrooms, nursing homes, libraries, museums, and many places where there are audiences ready to enjoy entertaining storytelling.


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