Discover the captivating world of Walter Dean Myers with a glimpse into the life of a young black boy. Dive into this legendary author's work now!
Walter Dean Myers

Acclaimed teen and young adult author, Walter Dean Myers, gives readers a view of life as a Black male in America. For several decades, Walter Dean Myers, this son of West Virginia, grew up in Harlem, New York. Receiving his formal education in New York schools and universities, he published his first children’s book in 1969. Dean Myers continued writing until he became an ancestor in 2014. Known for books like Monster, Bad Boy, Hoops, Lockdown, 145th Street, Riot, and numerous other book titles, Walter Dean Myers introduced thousands of young Black youths like me to the world of reading and seeing positive images of Black people, all while sharing many of the daily obstacles of growing up Black in America. When you get an opportunity, read one or more of the above classics written by Walter Dean Myers and introduce his writings to the future generations of young people.
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