Author Shane W. Evans
Shane W. Evans

Shane W. Evans, with his best friend since middle school, Taye Diggs, continues to provide thought provoking books for children of color, especially African American children. Shane continues to be one of the leading illustrators of African American literature showing black and brown boys and girls in a positive light. Several of Shane’s notable books include Chocolate Me!, March!, Underground Railroad Hands Up! and My Friend, among the multiple other illustrated books.

In addition to working with Taye Diggs, Shane illustrated one of my favorite children’s books: 28 Days, Moments in Black History that Changed the World. His illustration of 28 different historical pioneers include Crispus Attucks, Dred Scott, Madame C.J. Walker all the way to President Barack Obama. Each illustration gives readers an opportunity to learn about each person and why they’re instrumental in Black History. Give one of Shane’s illustrated books to a young person and allow his pictures to change their world.