Why Am I Here? A Child’s Book of Purpose by author Naomi Dunsen-White
Naomi Dunsen-White

Why Am I Here?  A Child’s Book About Purpose is the latest creation by author Naomi Dunsen-White.  This hardcover book examines the thoughts of two young children about their purpose in life and how they can impact change around the world.  Inspiring young people is the driving force behind Mrs. Naomi is donating over 500 copies of her latest book to several underserved communities throughout Michigan.  While I have not had an opportunity to review Naomi’s book in person yet.  I look forward to reading it and encourage readers to support local authors who have made a commitment to speaking for the youngest and most vulnerable citizens and our future leaders.  I focused on these two books to spotlight foster care and adoption.  Both Naomi and the Dungy family are foster care activist.

While living in Lansing, Michigan in the mid 1990’s, I worked for a Michigan based Public Relations Firm and was asked to create a statewide campaign focusing on the need for families to foster and adopt African American children here in Michigan through African American Churches.  One Church One Child is a national program stated by Father George Clemens, a Chicago Area priest.  If you have it in your heart and have time, please consider making a difference in a child’s life.

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