Fly With GOD - Flight Training 101 by Author Lily Capers Milliner
Lily Capers Milliner

As the CEO of Build-IT-Up, LLC Lily builds relationships and creates strategic alliances in the Federal and Private sectors by helping people make “real” connections. Lily has consistently been a catalyst for change in her clients’ professional and personal lives. As a mentor, coach, speaker, trainer, consultant, and author, Ms. Milliner is widely recognized for her creative and inspirational presentations having trained thousands of individuals throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. As a Talk Show Host – she created, and produced "What's Your Story", where she interviewed writers crossing every industry; from the traditional print media to the folks who helped build the billion dollar video gaming industry. Ms. Milliner is also the proud recipient of the Historically Underutilized Business Zones Contractors National Council Employee of the Year Award. Not content to sit on the sideline’s Lily now turns her attention to the Self-Help Industry which she believes is ripe for a paradigm shift.

Fly With GOD: Flight Training 101

The Book. “Flight Training 101” breaks new ground by guiding readers on a journey through the biblical principles that will help them learn how to soar above the situations that often keep people grounded and unable to get to the next level. The book reflects on the author’s twenty years of experience in coaching learners on how to develop out-of-the box solutions to challenges in performance while finding their personal truth. Each chapter’s flight analogy is biblically relevant while successfully engaging lifelong learning tools which allow individuals to reach their tactical and strategic goals. Its practical examples offer the reader a way to continuously customize their self-improvement, while using customized self-evaluation guides that elevate the reader from being a mere passenger to the co-pilot of their own lives. Flight Training 101 teaches readers how to continuously live in a way that allows GOD’s blessings to flow freely without interference.

Lily uses her personal expertise to take a fresh and innovative perspective on daily Christian living which allows one to defy their circumstances and soar through life. “Flight Training 101” applies the analogy of “flight” to biblical principles enabling the reader to resist the gravitational pull to stay on the ground and to surrender to the One who will enable readers to FLY HIGH. With sections such as Packing, Baggage, Boarding, and Take-off, the world is given practical instructions on how to live in a way that allows God’s blessings to flow to them freely and without interference. “Flight Training 101” is a training manual that encourages Christians and non-Christians to apply biblical principles to “everyday” interactions in order to achieve their best life now.


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