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Jacqueline Woodson

For Women’s History Month and Children’s Reading Month, I decided to highlight a favorite author of mine: Jacqueline Woodson. For more than 20 years, this thought-provoking and acclaimed author has thrilled audiences young and old alike with real life topics that reflect black and brown communities of color. Whether dealing with no longer being the only child in Pecan Pie Baby or having a loved one in jail in Visiting Day; Woodman reaches everyday people with her characters who resemble ordinary black and brown folks like me and you! Woodson’s works have been translated into multiple languages throughout the world introducing this black woman author to millions of readers worldwide. Her protagonist reflects teenage and young adults’ lives with subject matter like teen pregnancy, death of a child by the police, interracial dating, mental illness and teen suicide among many of her book titles. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read any of Jacqueline Woodson’s works, add them to your reading list.

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