Dr. Turnera Croom is the author of What Kind of Veterinarian Doctor Do You Want to Be?
Dr. Turnera Croom

Dr. Croom is a Michigan licensed Veterinarian, focused on providing holistic therapies to her furry patients. She received her education at historic Tuskegee College of Veterinary Medicine in Alabama. Her vision is to introduce the wonderful world of Veterinary Medicine to animal-loving students through her Future Veterinarian Program and to continue bringing diversity to the Veterinary field.

With a father who taught Science, Dr. Croom grew up surrounded by a love of learning and animals. She volunteered at a horse riding farm for kids and adults with disabilities when she was a young Future Veterinarian, and that made a huge impact on her decision to become a Vet.

Dr. Turnera Croom Interview

We recently interviewed Dr. Turnera Croom, an African American former military vet and veterinarian for our January 2022 newsletter. Dr. Croom is the author of What Kind of Veterinarian Doctor Do You Want to Be? This is an illustrated coloring book introducing children and adults to the world of veterinary science and careers. A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan; she owns and operates a mobile veterinary clinic in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Dr. Croom and I meant this past November 2021 during a regional youth conference of Jack and Jill of America. She is one of few African Americans Veterinarians nationwide and is the only Black woman with a mobile veterinary clinic in Michigan.

While exhibiting at this conference, we began to talk about her online program to introduce youth and adults of color to opportunities in the world of veterinary science. Inspired by her parents, Dr. Croom’s father is a former science teacher in the Grand Rapids Schools fostering her love for animals and science. Dr. Croom has introduced a once-a-month free online class for anyone interested in career opportunities in veterinary science. She also has a more extensive online program of classes for a fee. For more information on Dr. Croom’s services and medical products for your pets, please visit www.drcroom.com.

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