Letters To My Sisters In Engineering By Author Brittany Wilkins
Brittany Wilkins

An accomplished engineer, historian, educational, and motivational speaker, Brittany Wilkins’s focus is to pave the way for African American women in S.T.E.M. while helping individuals and corporations innovate from within.

As a highly sought after process engineering professional, she has helped corporations in automotive, powder coatings, aerospace, and HVAC develop advanced innovative manufacturing processes; however, her road to becoming a S.T.E.M. professional has not been without trials and tribulations.

On the verge of almost failing out of the engineering field and being told she did not have what it takes to be an engineer, Brittany developed the fortitude to realize that giving up was not an option! Brittany overcame adversity through persistence, hard work, determination, and a mindset philosophy of “successful individuals have to think and work differently to accomplish their goals.”

From struggling to failing toward success, Brittany became the 1st African American woman to work in powder coatings for her corporation. She also continues to break barriers in her industry, being recognized as an outstanding leader and most valuable employee. Her pursuit of impacting the world extends beyond her career in engineering. Driven by faith, she has answered the call of helping individuals design, build, and engineer their lives in becoming who they are destined to be while making their mark on the world. Brittany’s mantra is the promise does not come without the process. She is committed to the process of leaving her mark on the world, better than she found it—a purpose-driven woman with a mission to live for a purpose greater than self.

Letters to My Sisters in Engineering

Brittany has written an incredible and revealing memoir about her journey to becoming an engineer. In a male dominated field with few African American trailblazers, Brittany took it upon herself to seek out opportunities that would challenge herself and allow her to conquer barriers in and out of corporate America. Letters to My Sisters in Engineering is a *must read* for people of all ages!

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