Author Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys

Author and Grammy Award winning singer Alicia Keys, with co-author Andrew Weiner and with illustrations by Brittney Williams, released her first graphic novel Girl On Fire. Here the main character Lolo has a unique set of special powers. When the local neighborhood villain gets word of Lolo’s special powers, she resists helping him initially knowing that her brother could be harmed. Read the novel to see how she eventually responds! Other themes include family and social issues. If you’re a teen or young adult who loves graphic novels, this book is for you. Illustrator Brittney Williams’ vivid pictures jump off the pages. Alicia Keys’ story of Lolo exists in cities throughout the world. Charles Collectibles and Books rates Girl on Fire 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Alicia Keys and Andrew Weiner introduce teens and young adult readers to the world of literacy through graphic novels in 'Girl On Fire'.

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